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The Credit Score Simulator

Having a higher credit score can increase your available credit options and lower the interest rates which lenders and other creditors may offer you. That's why IdentitySecure includes an advanced Credit Score Simulator as part of its service. With the Credit Score Simulator, you can see how making certain changes to your credit practices could impact your credit score and your overall credit picture.

How The Credit Score Simulator Can Help You

Your credit score tells at a glance what level of credit risk you are, and is based on an analysis of the information contained in your credit report. Paying your bills on time, having a good credit/debt ratio and generally following other good credit practices can reflect positively on your credit report, and in turn, the credit score associated with that report. Conversely, not following good credit practices - making late payments, defaulting on loans or having too much debt - can reflect negatively on both your report and its related score.

With IdentitySecure's Credit Score Simulator, you can see how certain changes in your behavior could impact your credit score, positively or negatively. The Credit Score Simulator utilizes the information contained in your own credit report, resulting in a more personalized assessment of how your actions may directly influence your score. That way, you can better decide which actions may reflect best on your overall credit picture, whether it's pursuing debt consolidation, paying off credit cards or taking other steps.

IdentitySecure's Other Credit Score Benefits

IdentitySecure offers a range of other ways to help you make the most of your credit. For starters, you can receive your latest triple-bureau credit report every month, so you can discover items that may be impacting your credit score and learn areas for improvement. Plus, IdentitySecure's daily credit monitoring alerts you of certain credit changes in your credit report that could impact your score. See details.

With monthly access to your triple-bureau credit report, an VantageScore credit score tracker, daily credit monitoring and more, IdentitySecure provides both the resources and support you need to help you make the most of your credit. See details.

Getting Started with IdentitySecure

Getting started with all of IdentitySecure's benefits takes just a few seconds. Best of all, you can try IdentitySecure's Credit Score Simulator - and enjoy all of the other benefits IdentitySecure offers - right now. Sign up today, and learn how to make the most of your credit picture.