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Why IdentitySecure

The Truth About Identity Theft Protection Services
Let's face it...a lot of companies claim they have what it takes to protect your identity. But take a deeper look into what they're actually offering, and you may be surprised at just how little you get.

In reality, most identity protection companies only provide minimal services, such as placing fraud alerts on your accounts or providing you with credit reports – things you often can do on your own for little or no cost. While helpful, these efforts only provide limited protection against a single type of identity fraud. But with so many other ways to steal your identity, these services don't provide the complete level of security they lead you to believe.

Making matters worse, identity thieves are becoming bolder and more innovative in their techniques, employing new methods to gain control of your information. As a result, relying solely on a few traditional safeguards is insufficient for combating newer, more damaging identity crimes. Today, properly defending against identity fraud requires an advanced, multi-pronged approach that addresses all the methods thieves are using to steal your personal information.

Identity Secure

3 reasons why IdentitySecure is Different

comprehensive integrity experience

IdentitySecure Provides Safeguards Against All Three Major Types Of Identity Theft.

IdentitySecure employs an extensive benefits suite that provides advanced protections against the three main types of identity fraud: new account fraud, credit card fraud and existing account fraud.

In addition, most traditional identity protection methods are "reactive," meaning they work only after a crime has been committed against you. However, IdentitySecure offers an array of proactive measures that can help stop fraud before it occurs.

Yes, we still provide credit reports and fraud alerts. But it's our vast array of other proprietary capabilities – alongside our decades of experience – that enable us to provide the truly universal protections you need to stay safe. Making IdentitySecure the clear choice for comprehensive identity security.

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We Do Not Make Deceptive Claims or Charge You For Insurance Coverage You Will Never Receive.

Some identity protection companies offer millions of dollars in "insurance coverage" if your identity is stolen. But take a moment to read the fine print, and you'll see that these so-called "guarantees" are worth a lot less.

In fact, these policies only cover certain expenses associated with identity recovery, often not exceeding a few thousand dollars. They do not cover material or financial losses, or make payments for "pain, suffering and time." As a result, these large dollar amounts are nothing more than empty claims designed to grab your attention, backed by promises that will never fully deliver.

IdentitySecure doesn't promote (or charge you for) deceptive insurance coverage. In the highly unlikely event that your identity is stolen while a member of our program, our Fraud Expense Reimbursement pays for the services you need to resolve your case. And we offer an array of expert, personalized support designed to get you back on your feet quickly. So you get all the help you need to resolve your issue fast. And that's the truth.

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Only IdentitySecure is Backed By Over 35 Years of Experience in the Field.

It seems like a lot of services are jumping on the identity protection bandwagon, each proclaiming to be "The Leader." But take a look at how long they've actually been in business, and their "leadership" claims fall flat.

Many of these companies have only been around for a few years or less. Some have already come and gone, while others are on their way out – taking your money, protections and personal information with them. It's a playing field dominated by rookies, with very few established pros.

IdentitySecure is a division of the Affinion Security Center (ASC), a global organization backed by over 35 years of experience in protecting consumers and businesses against fraud. As an IdentitySecure customer, your protection is supported by all of the resources, cutting-edge technology and expertise that have made Affinion a true leader in the personal data protection field.

Our global capacity enables us to stay on top of all the latest developments and trends in these fast evolving crimes, quickly adapting our services to address new threats. In addition, our vast resources and history ensure that we will continue to provide the service and protection you need to stay safe today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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Join IdentitySecure today, and be protected by the true leader in identity protection.